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Experience & Training:

1960's: Baker, Cook, Sous Chef:  Longchamps, Luchows, Nevele, Grossingers, The Concord, Tamarack

1970's: Pastry Chef: The French Kitchen, La Petite Patisserie, The Innsbruck, Midnight Sun, Hyatt Hotels

1980's: Owner of two Bakeries: Atlanta, and Highland, NC

1990's: Systems Analyst/Business Owner: Fresh Market, Miami Beach; Bizmarts, Canton

2000's: Business Owner: Bizmarts, Canton/Waleska

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Purveyors:  Techdata, SED International, US Micro, Cherokee Packaging, UCE, Ted Dasher Assoc., Craters & Freighters, United Parcel Service.

Banking: Accounts with Wells Fargo, CBT, CitiBank, PayPal, & Others

Advanced Training: Army ASA/MP, Criminology Major at FSU, UC Trainer for Management Safeguards, Externship with Fla. Bureau of Investigation, Novell CNA
Personal References at Lake Arrowhead - Marty Benzel, Bob & Kelley Burns, Bob Corbin, Brenda Daly, Dick Dowis, Bud Fleming, Russ Flynn, Melissa Gray, Richard Gore, Brian Harley, Jeannie Johanssen, Jim Kilgore, Gwen Lancaster, Laurie McCormick, Joe Magnatta, Billie Mathis, Donna Miltimore, Rod Patton, Jerry Sauls, Greg Toth, Paul Ward, Rick Warnke, John Welday, John Williams, Don & Dee Wisdom, and others.
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LUP: 080816