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Password Removal Services 

Bizmarts offers password removal services for all three types of password protection levels

  • Hardware/System level: This is also known as CMOS, ATA, or BIOS level passwords that are implemented at the hardware level. Typically this can be detected/seen when a machine is powered on, and a splash screen pops up asking for the password to access the BIOS setup.
  • Operating system level:  This is the most frequently used/misused function. It appears on Windows systems where the Windows opening screen asks for the login name, and login password
  • Application or File level:  This occurs when a particular program, or program data file asks for the password to access the application itself, or the data files that application has created


In all three cases, our prices are approximately the same, and depend on the location of the equipment, required service speed, and number of units to be processed. The typical charge is between $50 and $100 per machine for 1-5 units, or $35 to $75 per machine for more than five unit service calls.

To be effective, we must be in physical touch with the equipment to be processed - which can be achieved by a technician coming to your site for services, or by you shipping the equipment to us for processing. Equipment shipped to us, should be adequately packaged, (with at least two inches of protective cover around the machine), insured for replacement value, with carrier tracking registration, and having a work order completed by us detailing the work to be done, cost, and turn-around time. (Ship to address follows below.)

Typically, the two most requested services involve the removal of BIOS passwords from laptops, and/or Windows operating system passwords. Of these the former is usually the more time-consuming and difficult, with a probable success rate of 97+%. The latter is almost always achievable in all versions of Windows.

Applications, and application level data files can be serviced for most standard Windows programs, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, WinZIP, and most archived files.

Typical Service & Turn Around Times What is needed
Remove Windows Login Password - One Hour Access Physical access to equipment - for laptops/desktops/towers/servers we need a power supply, and CRT/LCD display
Remove Hardware Passwords - One to Two Hour Access As above, plus suitable documentation showing ownership of the equipment to be serviced
Remove File/Application Passwords - One to Two Hour Access Physical access to equipment - for laptops/desktops/towers/servers we need a power supply, and CRT/LCD display, plus a registered copy of the application media must be available for verification, or vendor contact in extreme cases.

For further information or to schedule a Password Removal service,

  please complete the form linked to here,

and email or fax the completed form to us at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to being of service to you, or your company soon.

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