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Comments about Richard Pressl (
11-Mar-2001 21:08:05 PST From Steven J. Phillippe ( Re: item #202765330
Praise: under review

8-Mar-2001 20:44:22 PST From Kay Hendrickson ( Re: item #202765326
Praise: under review

16-Feb-2001 18:10:34 PST From Larry Mattey ( Re: item #202716592
Praise: under review

3-Dec-2000 06:20:06 PST From Chris Scott ( Re: item #202492894
Praise: Quick e-mail contact, product received as described, well packaged. A+ recommended seller.

21-Nov-2000 22:54:09 PST From John Long ( Re: item #202447349
Praise: As Always, Excellent Item, Excellent Price !!!!

17-Nov-2000 23:41:33 PST From Thomas Canich ( Re: item #202458022
Praise: Quick and easy, exactly what i bid on. Product arrived clean and well packaged.

17-Nov-2000 22:17:48 PST From Gordon E. Doxey ( Re: item #202458052
Praise: Good transaction. Delivered items as promised.

10-Nov-2000 14:17:11 PST From nikki campbell ( Re: item #202458016
Praise: please contact me with balance and i will paypal $ ups please

13-Oct-2000 17:23:23 PDT From Alexander Zykov ( Re: item #202420888
Praise: Good e-mail contact and quality of selling stuff. Thank you.

6-Oct-2000 08:31:22 PDT From Greg Mogush ( Re: item #202420888
Praise: What a super and smooth transaction Richard! Had monitor on friday after money submitted by paypal on tuesday. This is a super vendor for this site and no haggle what so ever on a super price on a very clean piece of hardware. AAA+++ AM Best Rating

28-Sep-2000 18:25:51 PDT From Steve Cunningham ( Re: item #202406622
Praise: I was satisfied with this deal, I would buy again

20-Sep-2000 23:05:06 PDT From Raymond Beckmon ( Re: item #202406622
Praise: He Was very Fast with Shipping Monitor Not what I expeted but he did His Best

15-Sep-2000 19:08:24 PDT From pops ( Re: item #202380550
Praise: Fast response, A+++ Cuatomer!~ USPS 0310 2990 000 3623 3399

10-Sep-2000 09:14:44 PDT From Daniel Diehl ( Re: item #202389674
Praise: Good product, Prompt shipping... Highly reccommended!!!

29-Aug-2000 13:08:13 PDT From Steven K. Huffer ( Re: item #202389682
Praise: product is very nice and shipped very promptly would buy again

25-Aug-2000 08:55:45 PDT From kenneth corrie ( Re: item #202377238
Praise: Excellent service. Stand behind their commitment. Will definitely give them preference over cost.

18-Aug-2000 20:39:36 PDT From Dave DeLaurant ( Re: item #202377237
Praise: Quick turnaround, items accurately described

18-Aug-2000 20:38:49 PDT From Dave DeLaurant ( Re: item #202377235
Praise: Quick turnaround, items accurately described

7-Aug-2000 14:36:11 PDT From Russell's Ent. ( Re: item #202359433
Praise: Other than keyboard-mouse not being right for system,nice system!!

4-Aug-2000 09:54:36 PDT From Paul Ferguson ( Re: item #202369960
Neutral: retracted!

27-Jul-2000 12:14:52 PDT From Peter Vattimo ( Re: item #202348138
Praise: Once again, I am very pleased with the transaction. Merchandise excellent .. very professional.

21-Jul-2000 20:37:09 PDT From Russell's Ent. ( Re: item #202347897
Praise: Fast shipping.Nice system!Thanks!!!!!!

18-Jul-2000 13:47:14 PDT From Haven Young ( Re: item #202348112
Praise: FANTASTIC drives, UPS fast!!!! A+++++++++++

12-Jul-2000 19:22:49 PDT From Lavelle Collins ( Re: item #201943224
Gripe: year and half, has my money and the computer, won't refund!!
14-Jul-2000 08:41:33 PDT From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: You set the stage by being abusive, and ignoring us. So we did the same.

21-Jun-2000 23:43:00 PDT From matt allison ( Re: item #202330952
Praise: Thank you! great service!!!

15-Jun-2000 21:00:55 PDT From mark pierson ( Re: item #202330985
Praise: Very fast and professional. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SELLER!

27-May-2000 21:51:21 PDT From O. David Cook ( Re: item #202310454
Praise: As always, Richard shipped in a very timely manner. He is an asset to Haggle.

17-May-2000 11:26:16 PDT From Valerie Sherrard ( Re: item #202307986
Praise: Seller was most obliging and courteous when unexpected difficulties made it necessary to request cancellation of purchase. Fine gentleman.

1-May-2000 18:21:59 PDT From Derek Giagni ( Re: item #202290293
Praise: A++Fast response and payment!Very pleasant!The way Haggle people should be!A++

1-May-2000 16:03:41 PDT From Douglas Ogle ( Re: item #202271741
Praise: Good emails, delivery, item as promised. Would buy from again.

28-Apr-2000 08:02:37 PDT From Irfan Maghfoor ( Re: item #202266671
Praise: Can't believe I got it for this price. Product as described. Good communication. One of my best bargains. A++++++++

25-Apr-2000 19:29:38 PDT From Ken Asher ( Re: item #202128285
Praise: Nice system, good deal. Very late feedback, sorry. AAA+++

14-Apr-2000 14:12:57 PDT From MARK BURNS ( Re: item #202273058
Praise: Well Done! thank's again

24-Mar-2000 19:50:15 PST From Steven Petrich ( Re: item #202254215
Praise: SMOOTH DEAL A+++++++++++++++

20-Mar-2000 22:47:03 PST From Randy Reid ( Re: item #202248583
Praise: Great Transaction, Good Communication, Drive as advertised A++

17-Mar-2000 05:34:59 PST From Luciano Colella ( Re: item #202226464
Praise: Very easy and smooth negotiation. Every business should run this way!

14-Feb-2000 11:23:12 PST From bobfelton ( Re: item #202226497
Gripe: notified of my winning bid but no response from seller
1-Mar-2000 17:07:21 PST From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: Please don't send feedback immediately after the auction ends Bob! I notified you of the shipping costs, received payment, and shipped your order in less time than you expected, probably less than a week. And now there is this Gripe that is totally unjus

13-Jan-2000 02:48:44 PST From Peter Vattimo ( Re: item #202171376
Praise: Have purchased several items from seller ... Excellent communication, shipping and merchandise !!

12-Jan-2000 06:36:14 PST From Jim Gelo ( Re: item #202154154
Praise: Excellent to do business with. Very satisfied

9-Jan-2000 08:12:11 PST From Jerry Daugirda ( Re: item #202174613
Praise: Great Transaction...Honest man !! Received item in good cond.

4-Jan-2000 19:43:14 PST From Mary Golden ( Re: item #202112467
Praise: Great problem solver! Computer was damaged during shipping and Richard solved the problem above my expectations! I definitely recommend this vendor.

3-Jan-2000 21:48:33 PST From Steve Wiggins ( Re: item #202171392
Neutral: retracted!

2-Jan-2000 11:54:37 PST From Matthew Huber ( Re: item #202072784
Gripe: Informed me that he found a defect in merchandise, so he offered another system $80; I bid $41. He then offered to let me choose a comparable machine from his stock instead, but when I did, he said that he couldn't part with it for $41.
4-Jan-2000 13:59:12 PST From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: Yes, that's basically correct. We had no more P75's so I offered a different machine. But what's the complaint? Would you rather have gotten the defective machine?

26-Dec-1999 17:44:47 PST From James Pummell ( Re: item #202159959
Praise: EXCELLANT !!!! ..............end of conversation

22-Dec-1999 14:19:41 PST From Ashley Fleetwood ( Re: item #202171496
Praise: You were fast, courteous and informative even at the height of the Christmas rush. Smooth easy transaction. Arrived within 7 days of close of auction. WOW, AAAAA+++++

19-Dec-1999 08:43:31 PST From MARK BURNS ( Re: item #202154148
Praise: GOT A GREAT DEAL AGAIN ..A++++++++++++++++

17-Dec-1999 06:31:05 PST From Michael L. Breazeale ( Re: item #202154154
Praise: Seller's item went beyond expectations..I rate seller as AAAA++++ and will look forward to doing business with seller again.

16-Dec-1999 17:51:20 PST From Earnie Owen ( Re: item #202172729
Neutral: retracted!

13-Dec-1999 19:15:15 PST From Vittorio Froggatt ( Re: item #202154150
Praise: Very good to work with and gave me extra software with purchase.

12-Dec-1999 15:38:36 PST From jim knott ( Re: item #202167734
Praise: need address to send money order

7-Dec-1999 14:18:01 PST From William Eck ( Re: item #202159948
Praise: Did I win this item?

7-Dec-1999 05:38:30 PST From Amy Sunshine Casey ( Re: item #202147323
Praise: Great product! Exactly as described! Excellent packing job!

23-Nov-1999 15:54:49 PST From Robert Spradlin ( Re: item #202143056
Praise: Great Service :-) Fast trunaround, packed very well for shipping, received in good order and exactly what I paid for. Biught used...looked and performed as new. I look forward to doing business with them in the furture :-)

21-Nov-1999 21:28:36 PST From Mary Golden ( Re: item #202112471
Praise: Great computer! Even had extras! VERY REASONABLE price to add monitor. Thanks Richard!

18-Nov-1999 15:45:09 PST From robert romig ( Re: item #202147304
Praise: im new to this site,but bid history showed i should have got 1 of these,do they not show the final # that the high bidder gets?thanks ,a reply would be nicebutch romigps ill still ta ke 1 if something happens and it becomes avail,

2-Nov-1999 09:56:01 PST From David Fairchild ( Re: item #202114060
Praise: Item arrived as described. I'll give him an A+

29-Oct-1999 14:24:38 PDT From Jeffrey Vey ( Re: item #202115628
Praise: Richard's the real deal. Great guy who accurately represents what he sells. Great packing. Good e-mail. Buy from him. Just don't bid me up.

13-Oct-1999 03:33:29 PDT From Gerard Mueden ( Re: item #202085780
Praise: Great service, great computer, A+ cooperation

8-Oct-1999 00:08:49 PDT From Mark ( Re: item #202106392
Praise: Great Person To Deal With, Smooth And Fast Transaction

16-Sep-1999 21:32:15 PDT From Frank A. Milo ( Re: item #202084081
Praise: Quadra: Very good condition & operation. Expertly packed. A+++

10-Sep-1999 17:11:04 PDT From Michael Beckham ( Re: item #202085801
Praise: Quick service , a trusty seller here.

7-Sep-1999 13:43:21 PDT From O. David Cook ( Re: item #202083523
Praise: Easy to deal with. Tries to make each customer happy.

5-Sep-1999 09:31:15 PDT From Jeffrey Benham ( Re: item #202088889
Praise: Timely response, easy to work with, would buy again

7-Aug-1999 21:42:15 PDT From LORETTA HILL ( Re: item #201762759
Praise: A+ service

27-Jul-1999 18:46:47 PDT From MARK BURNS ( Re: item #202007996
Praise: thank's again

20-Jun-1999 16:43:41 PDT From Rick Rodman ( Re: item #202010763
Praise: Was able to repair machine (actually a 160), thank you!

25-May-1999 23:57:00 PDT From Lexi Stern ( Re: item #201986431
Praise: Excellent seller -- Mac came with unadvertised extra accessories, packed well and shipped promptly. Thanks, Richard!

19-May-1999 17:16:46 PDT From MARK BURNS ( Re: item #201862147
Praise: thank's recieved in good condition a+++

20-Mar-1999 12:49:41 PST From Daniel Thomas ( Re: item #201919004
Praise: The computer arrived in mint condition everything in it works great i look foward to doing alot of business in the future

5-Mar-1999 22:26:35 PST From Jerry Doster ( Re: item #201921645
Praise: Good to deal with, fast and good email

10-Jan-1999 11:46:38 PST From Kevin Kibble ( Re: item #201843299
Praise: Timely responses and services even during holiday rush! The best packing job of electronic equipment I have ever seen.

20-Nov-1998 15:12:19 PST From Danny Carter ( Re: item #201795170
Gripe: Make sure you get a guarantee that you get what is advertised from this seller. I bought an Ultimedia IBM, but received a put-to-gather 386 with an off brand cd rom that takes caddies-didn't even have a caddy included! Contacted seller by phone,no reply,
23-Nov-1998 09:28:56 PST From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: What?? Buyer got EXACTLY what he bid $25 for the complete working machine with the EXACT specifications listed. He also called by phone, and we talked for about ten minutes...what no reply??? Come on Guy! Get Real!

19-Nov-1998 20:07:11 PST From Larry Schoonover ( Re: item #201795099
Praise: Great deal & smooth transactio. Recommend!

12-Nov-1998 07:30:22 PST From John Softcheck ( Re: item #201803348
Praise: Richard offered a good product at a great price. Although ship time was longer than expected, Richard provided me with the UPS track number so I knew my merchandise was on its way. Product arrived in good condition, and I'm very satisfied.

4-Nov-1998 16:22:57 PST From Bill Sullivan ( Re: item #201795061
Praise: Richard is undoubtedly one of the BEST dealers on the online auctions. Have done business several times and have always been completely satisfied with the service, delivery, prices, etc. he offers.

3-Nov-1998 18:03:56 PST From Lori Reina ( Re: item #201795081
Gripe: purchased item and was NOT at all what said nothing installed as said, screen faded in & out left several messages & received NO call or email back. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! When trying to find out when will be shipped received an email back stating no tim
5-Nov-1998 21:29:14 PST From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: The buyer: Lori, is not presenting the situation accurately. She entered this feedback, then informed me she was stopping payment on an $80 check for the laptop, and returning the machine to me without just cause.

9-Oct-1998 21:11:00 PDT From Carol ( Re: item #201759037
Praise: Good response. Quality merchandise. A pleasure doing business with!!!

1-Oct-1998 05:38:38 PDT From Martin Hilovsky ( Re: item #201732377
Praise: This guy was great. Shipped fast and product was exactly as described.

24-Sep-1998 22:49:48 PDT From Vsprings Software ( Re: item #201753491
Praise: A pleasure to do business with. Fast shipment & good Email. Thank You - Dean*VS*

23-Sep-1998 14:08:43 PDT From Garland M. Hall, Jr. ( Re: item #201753733
Praise: Patient, honest, and intent on ensuring your satisfaction...product was exactly as advertised, arrived promptly as did all correspondence. Definitely will do business again.

22-Sep-1998 09:45:41 PDT From mike rehanek ( Re: item #201737911
Praise: great price. nice laptop. good service. A+++++

19-Sep-1998 18:46:57 PDT From TSR Computing ( Re: item #201750566
Praise: Good transaction! Prompt payment! Thank you for your business!

16-Sep-1998 21:23:46 PDT From Peter Vattimo ( Re: item #201722461
Praise: Good communication, item as advertised, would do the deal again!

16-Sep-1998 05:51:59 PDT From Mike McGovern ( Re: item #201710357
Praise: Monitor had problem but Richard replaced it FAST! Couldn't ask for a more responsive seller -- Excellent!

5-Sep-1998 14:45:16 PDT From Nicholas G. Cretelle ( Re: item #201718541
Praise: The system was in excellent condition and was packed with care. It was shipped quickly and I was kept up to date on the status of our transaction. Richard is a winner!

4-Sep-1998 15:29:27 PDT From R. R. Ando ( Re: item #201708436
Praise: Items very well packed, arrived promptly. Thanks.

2-Sep-1998 19:02:26 PDT From David C. Scott ( Re: item #201719932
Praise: System as advertised. Well packaged. Very understanding and good to do business with.

22-Aug-1998 21:57:26 PDT From jp16 ( Re: item #201700649
Praise: The best Seller I have used. He is just the best. Buy from him. Very good prices too!

21-Aug-1998 06:00:51 PDT From Stephen C. Adams ( Re: item #201700607
Praise: Richard is a great guy to do business with. He answers all my emails promptly and sells a quality product. Thanks, again!

20-Aug-1998 16:05:19 PDT From Richard W. Lisiura ( Re: item #201702248
Praise: The item was immediately sent and very well packed . Rich is a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend him ! A+++++++

18-Aug-1998 15:33:45 PDT From Dan Bradley ( Re: item #201700819
Praise: Great seller! Merchandise arrived promptly and as advertised. Would buy from again.

11-Aug-1998 01:50:01 PDT From LJ Fidler ( Re: item #201679225
Praise: great seller to work with; product as described; quick, easy transaction. definitely an AAA+++ person to work with!

5-Aug-1998 20:40:24 PDT From Del Ahlin ( Re: item #201656868
Praise: Richard went out of his way to make me happy on this bidding. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again, Richard. A+ to the 'n'th!

19-Jul-1998 20:24:58 PDT From James R. Sassman ( Re: item #201666528
Praise: Merchandise shipped quickly, packed extremely well, works great. Excellent seller. A+.

19-Jul-1998 20:08:21 PDT From David Mundfrom ( Re: item #201625347
Praise: I bought a PC from Richard recently, he answered my emails promptly, packaged it well and even included several unadvertised features. It was an all-around good experience.

29-Jun-1998 17:46:23 PDT From Ellis Benham ( Re: item #201626589
Praise: Shipped promptly - item accurately described - smooth transaction

18-Jun-1998 15:08:03 PDT From John Proctor ( Re: item #201614551
Praise: Item just as stated, shipped quickly, will deal with again A+ seller

15-Jun-1998 18:02:44 PDT From Bill Sullivan ( Re: item #201614587
Praise: Excellent response and shipping time! Carried through with deal in spite of low bid. Seems to be a real "Gentleman".

10-Jun-1998 15:44:10 PDT From Brent Chapman ( Re: item #201606791
Praise: Pleasure to do business with. Item everything & more as stated. A+++++. Thanks for an enjoyable first transaction, Richard!

7-Jun-1998 03:43:53 PDT From Carl Morehouse ( Re: item #201602249
Praise: Quick to respond and ship, answered all requests, questions and emails. Would buy from Richard again, a very high A++.

4-Jun-1998 18:28:36 PDT From Ron Mitchell ( Re: item #201594715
Praise: Excellent service. I would deal with Richard again anytime. I got more than I asked for.

26-May-1998 08:08:21 PDT From mike rehanek ( Re: item #201592865
Praise: great service . fast turnaround. nice system

27-Apr-1998 22:42:17 PDT From Robert Cantu ( Re: item #201568001

23-Apr-1998 16:16:54 PDT From Barry Harding ( Re: item #201566991
Praise: Seller was prompt with email. The item was accurately described and was in great condition. I will do business with the seller again, with out a worry!

9-Apr-1998 23:04:30 PDT From David L. Baker ( Re: item #201553310
Praise: A+-Everything Advertised-good commumication

25-Mar-1998 12:14:23 PST From Rick Gulliver ( Re: item #201531301
Praise: Quick service, Packed well for usps to Hawaii, worked perfectly

24-Mar-1998 07:06:30 PST From Alexander H Hilliard ( Re: item #201531316
Praise: Item arrived as stated and in a timley manner. Great transaction.

20-Mar-1998 09:37:53 PST From Lavelle Collins ( Re: item #201531290
Neutral: retracted!

5-Mar-1998 09:46:08 PST From donald r yartz ( Re: item #201518345
Praise: Rated A++++..Very fast service..good e-mail business with

29-Jan-1998 20:48:34 PST From Kathy Cassidy ( Re: item #201493604
Praise: Richard was very conscientious, reliable. Computer was an excellent buy, packed up extremely well, arrived promptly.

6-Jan-1998 22:37:41 PST From Jim Burks ( Re: item #201441843
Praise: Over the past year I have bought many computer systems and parts from Richard and found the items to be of high quality and the service to be top notch. He has always helped me with any problems that I had.

5-Jan-1998 18:22:52 PST From Michael S Wilson ( Re: item #201473861
Neutral: retracted!

28-Dec-1997 19:08:32 PST From Tad Houston ( Re: item #201409299
Gripe: censored!

15-Dec-1997 16:13:55 PST From Owego Computers ( Re: item #201454209
Praise: I am a "repeat customer" of Richard's and will buy again! Systems are top notch, as is communication and service after the sale. Highly recommend to all! A+++

4-Dec-1997 16:28:10 PST From Charles Byrd ( Re: item #201401650
Gripe: Sold me a computer with all isa/pci slots dead (he knew this and left them empty, pretending to forget the sound card) also the Hrd Drv has bad sectors. He won't answer my E-Mail.Dont let him rip you off too! BEWARE!
10-Dec-1997 21:19:57 PST From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: Charles bought the machine in Aug, now in December he says there is a problem with it. He didn't even give me a chance to help before posting this beware stuff...

13-Nov-1997 20:01:20 PST From Kirk Tuttle ( Re: item #201433455
Praise: Fantastic Seller !,Good products,well packaged A++++

7-Oct-1997 20:32:59 PDT From Tracey Green ( Re: item #201409292
Praise: It was pleasure doing business with Richard,merchandise in perfect condition,recommend 100%

23-Sep-1997 12:25:53 PDT From Jim Burke ( Re: item #201394964
Praise: Responsive, fair, and easy to deal with.

14-Sep-1997 19:39:38 PDT From Frank Ramsey ( Re: item #201406530
Gripe: Seller never intended to sell the card at the price listed. After the auction closed, he stated he wanted $20. After being reminded a deal is a deal, he tried to set more conditions, wanting 100 1939 pennies. Be cautious in dealings with him.
15-Sep-1997 12:38:52 PDT From Richard Pressl
Rebuttal: Other parties received item at their price, not mine. There was an error with the bid; but Ramsey insisted on buying the new modem for $1 which was the "winning bid". If you sell to Frank Ramsey, be prepared for a 'tight buyer'.

12-Sep-1997 20:18:05 PDT From Mike Biagetti ( Re: item #201406518
Neutral: retracted!

7-Aug-1997 23:11:54 PDT From T. Moores ( Re: item #201381137
Praise: Richard is top notch, very professional, item well packed, shipped fast, and item MUCH better than described!! Highly recommend. Will do business with in future.

30-Jul-1997 15:51:47 PDT From Robert Kite, Jr. ( Re: item #201369384
Praise: I am very pleased with my purchase from Richard. He was very prompt with shipment. I would rate him as an A+ to conduct business with.

8-Jun-1997 04:17:46 PDT From Mark Duhaime ( Re: item #180572
Neutral: retracted!

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