Frequently Asked Questions About Bizmarts Recycling & Reselling Operations

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  1. How much equipment is required for free pickup?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. Why should we consider Bizmarts for our recycling needs?
  4. Who should I contact with questions, or to schedule a pickup?
  5. What is the approximate value of something we have?
  6. Are you hiring, or do you need help in your recycling operation?
  7. Bios of Principals

How much equipment is required for free pickup?

In general it is at least ten items for no-cost pickup; however it really depends on the anticipated salvage value of the equipment rather than a raw number. CRT's, UPS units, network servers, and bulky items with no residual salvage value must be offset by equipment that does have for free pickup; otherwise there is a charge to cover the cost of personnel, transportation, and disposal. 

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Where are you located?

Bizmarts has several warehouses in Atlanta & Canton, Georgia, and in Jacksonville, Florida. Our primary offices are located in Waleska, Georgia. None of the warehouses or offices offer walk-in, pickup, or drop-off service, so arrangements must be made through our offices for pickup and delivery.

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Why should we consider Bizmarts for our recycling needs?

We have been in business in the Atlanta metro area since 1996, and have an excellent reputation for processing equipment according to Georgia DNR and Federal EPA recommendations and regulations. Nothing provided to Bizmarts will be tossed in a dumpster, nor dumped in a landfill. We put extraordinary effort into "finding a home" for equipment whenever possible. If this is not possible for a piece of equipment, it is shredded, sorted, and shipped to manufacturers for reprocessing into new products.

Bizmarts values and shows it's appreciation for each provider. Our removal process is professional, fair, and timely. We are a locally owned and operated company that does not employ "gotcha's" - nor do we have a long list of exclusions, exemptions, or special considerations.

In addition, we are happy to purchase equipment and supplies at current market rates for any items in the active supply chain, from one to one-thousand pieces. Suplus and EOL equipment can be processed for resale by either direct purchase, or consignment. We can also provide a full range of inventory services from RFID tagging, physical inventory counts spread across multiple sites, to online/onsite auctions at a typical cost of 25% of total sales.

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Who should I contact with questions, or to schedule a pickup?

Our contact information is:

BIZmarts: Business Equipment Resellers
Att: Richard Pressl
222 White Eagle Dr. POB 344, Waleska, GA, 30183
(770)345-4663 - Voice -|- (678)522-3012 - Cell -|-

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What is the approximate value of something we have?

The easiest way of obtaining a valuation for equipment or supplies is to send us a spreadsheet showing:

    Brand, Model, Specifications, Quantity, and Condition

Specifications are only important for higher-end products, or where significantly better/worse than as provided by the OEM.

The condition grade rating can be as simple as:  New Factory Sealed;  Working;  Defective, or Scrap

Please email your list to: recycle (at) bizmarts (dot) com

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Are you hiring, or do you need help in your recycling effort?

We have several independent sales and service representatives who work on a commission basis; and we do not need additional representatives at this time.

Also, we have several long-standing relationships with national companies who handle the output from our facilities, and do not have a need for additional service providers.

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Bios of Principals

Richard Pressl:  Senior Account Specialist - grew up in Interlachen, FL. Spent five years in NY at Restaurants & Hotels working as cook, chef, baker, waiter. Drafted into Army, ASA (95B20-98B20), AA Degree at St. Johns, attended FSU majoring in Criminology. Moved to Atlanta and worked for MSI as UC Investigator. Then went to French Kitchen as baker. Then to Midnight Sun Inc at Peachtree Center. Moved to Chicago with Hyatt Hotels. Then to Cleveland with the Cleveland Clinic. Then joined staff at United Church of Christ as subscriptions/systems manager. Then to Miami Beach with Epicure Market as data analyst. Back to Atlanta to open Pressl's Pastries/La Patisserie/The Innsbruck in Atlanta/Highlands/Marietta. Finally moved to Canton, and opened Bizmarts in Spring 1996.

Judy E. Pressl: Corporate purchasing

Robert Wilson: Technical Services specialist

Dan Waller: Rapid response team leader

Kris Miller:  Technical Services specialist

Preston Richards: Office Mgr, Support Supervisor

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