We have spent considerable time and effort assembling a few hundred eBooks loosely based on the notion "The 100 Books You Must Read Before You Die". 

The eBooks are readily available to serious, and civil folks who will not abuse the access privileges.

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2001_ A Space Odyssey - Arthur Charles Clarke.mobi
A Bend in the River - V. S. Naipaul.mobi & epuc
A Book of Remarkable Criminals - Irving_ H B.mobi
A Clergyman's Daughter - George Orwell.mobi
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess.mobi
A discussion on integrity and values - Varied.mobi
A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway.mobi
A History of the American People - Paul Johnson.pdf
A Nation of Counterfeiters - Stephen Mihn.pdf
A New Civil Service Framework.pdf
A Parody Outline of History - Donald Ogden Stewart.mobi
A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn.epub
A People's History of the World - Chris Harman.pdf
A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson.mobi
A Short History of the World - H G. 1866-1946 Wells.mobi
A Solemn Pleasure - Melissa Pritchard.epub
A User's Guide to the Universe - Goldberg & Blomquist.pdf
A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson.mobi & epub
Against the grain - Ian Daniels.mobi
Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton.mobi
Age of Reason - Thomas Paine.epub
Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood.mobi
Alices Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Caroll.mobi
America in the Hands of a Professional M - Unknown.mobi
America's Climate Choices - The National Academies.mobi
America's Wars for the Middle East - Andrew Bacevich.mobi & epub
American Indians of the Southeast - Michael Johnson.mobi
American Politics & Science Issues 2014 - Pew Center.pdf
An Essay on Comedy - George Meredith.mobi
Angel of Repose  - Wallace E. Stegner.mobi
Atlantic - Simon Winchester.pdf
Animal Farm - George Orwell.mobi
At the End of the Passage - Rudyard Kipling.mobi
Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand.mobi
Autobiography of Malcolm X - Malcolm X.mobi
Babbitt - Sinclair Lewis.mobi
Bech - A Book - John Updike.mobi
Beloved - Tony Morrison.mobi
Between the Acts - Virginia Woolf.mobi
Beyond Good and Evil - Fredrich Nietzsche.mobi
Billions & Billions - Carl Sagan.mobi
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Ben Fountain.mobi
Boots & Saddles_ or life in Dakota - Elizabeth B. Custer.mobi
Breathing Machine, A Memoir of Computers - Leigh Alexander.azw3
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men - David Foster Wallace.mobi
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - Dee Brown.mobi
Canada - Richard Ford.mobi
Candide - Voltaire.mobi
Capital - Thomas Piketty.pdf
Capitalism 3.0 - Linda Jupiter.mobi
Caribbee - Thomas Hoover.mobi
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller.mobi
Catcher in the Rye -.J.D.Salinger.pdf
Character and Opinion in the United Stat - George Santayana.mobi
Cien Anos De Soledad - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.mobi
Civilization_ The West and the Rest - Niall Ferguson.mobi
Collected Short Stories - D. H. Lawrence.mobi
Conservatives Without Conscience - John W. Dean.mobi
Contact - Carl Sagan.mobi
Content_ Selected Essays on Technology, - Cory Doctorow.mobi
Cory Doctorow's futuristic tales of the - Cory Doctorow.mobi
Corruption in America - Zephry Teachout.pdf
Cosmic Connection_ An Extraterrestrial P - Carl Sagan.mobi
Cosmos - Carl Sagan.mobi
Crisis Economics - Nouriel Roubini.mobi
Dark Money - Jane Mayer.mobi & epub
Death of the Liberal Class - Chris Hedges.mobi
Debt - The First 5,000 Years - David Graeber.epub
Debunking Misinformation Handbook - Cook & Lewandowsky.pdf
Deerslayer - James F. Cooper .mobi
Delta of Venus - Anais Nin.mobi
Democracy In America, Volume 2 - Alexis de Toqueville.mobi
Democracy in Iraq - Benjamin Isakhan.pdf
Dismantling the Empire - Chalmer Johnson. epub & mobi
Disposable Futures - Evans & Giroux.epub
Divided - David C. Johnston.epub
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - Cory Doctorow.mobi
Dragons Of Eden - Carl Sagan.mobi
Dune - Frank Herbert.mobi
East of Eden - John Steinbeck.mobi
Elective Affinities - Goethe.mobi
Edad de Oro - Jose Marti.MP3
Essays on the Stage - J.W. Krutch.mobi
Ethan Frome - Edith Wharton.mobi
Everybodys Business is Nobodys - Daniel Defoe.mobi
ExPat - Expectations and Reality - Staff.pdf
Extreme Wealth is Not Merited - Didier Jacobs.pdf
Fanny Hill - John Cleland.mobi
Far Away and Long Ago - WH Hudson.mobi
Far From The Maddening Crowd - Thomas Hardy.mobi
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas - Hunter Thompson.mobi
Feral - George Monbiot.pdf
Fifty Essays by George Orwell - George Orwell.mobi
Final Exit (Third Edition) - Derek Humphry.mobi
For Her Own Good_ Two Centuries of the Exp - Barbara Ehrenreich.mobi
Forgotten Peninsula - Joseph W. Krutch.mobi
Full House - Stephen Jay Gould.mobi & epub
Glittering Images - Camile Paglia.epub
Global Warming And Climate __ - Administrator.mobi
Go Tell It On the Mountain - James Baldwin.mobi
God Hates You Hate Him Back - C.J. Werleman.mobi
God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens.pdf
Goebbels MS final - Irving.mobi
Goldsmith's Friend Abroad Again, and on - Mark Twain.mobi
Guns, Germs, and Steel - Jared Diamond.epub
Harlan Ellison Collection of Short Stories.mobi
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad.mobi
Hiding in the Mirror - Lawrence Krauss.mobi - epub
How Did We Get Into This Mess - George Monbiot.epub & mobi
How to Be Alone - Jonathan Franzen.mobi & epub
How to Use Your Mind - Harry Kitson.mobi
How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes - Maria Konnikova.mobi & epub
How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie.mobi
Hugh's List of Bush Scandals - RWP.mobi
I'll Take You There_ A Novel - Joyce Carol Oates.mobi
Ideas And Opinions- Einstein.mobi
In Defense of Women -H.L. Mencken.mobi
In Our Own Image - George Zarkadakis.mobi & epub
In the beginning _.was the command line - Neal Stephenson.mobi
Indian Tribes V1- John Swanton.mobi
Indian Tribes V2 - John Swanton.mobi
Inhuman Networks - Grant Bollmer.pdf
Interview with Dr Hare - Unknown.mobi
Ironweed - William Kennedy.mobi
Is the Common Man Too Common - Joseph Wood Krutch.mobi
Is US Economic Growth Over - Robert Gordon.pdf
Jude The Obscure - Hardy_ Thomas.mobi
Knowledge, Belief, Ideology & Culture Wars - Gaziano.pdf
Kenyon Commencement Address - David Foster Wallace.mobi
Lady Chatterley's Lover - David Herbert Lawrence.mobi
Laughter - Henri Bergson.mobi
Lies My Teacher Told Me_ Everything Your - James W. Loewen.mobi
Legacy of Iraq - Isakhan et al.pdf
Let The Great World Spin - Colum McCann.mobi & epub
Lolita - Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov.mobi
Look Homeward Angel - Thomas Wolfe.mobi
Lucky Jim - Kingsley Amis.mobi
Marching Men - Sherwood Anderson.mobi
Mary Magdalene_ A Woman Who Loved - Steve Copland.mobi
Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.mobi & epub
Media and Cultural Theory - Stephen Hill.mobi
Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden.mobi
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus - John Gray.mobi
Men Explain Things to Me - Rebecca Solnit.mobi
Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka.mobi
Midnight's Children - Salmon Rushdie.mobi
My Antonia - Willa Cather.mobi
Mysticism_and_Logic - Bertrand Russell.mobi
Native Son - Richard Wright.pdf
Netherland - Joseph O'Neill.mobi
Neuromancer - William Gibson.mobi
Nine Short Stories - J.D. Salinger.mobi
Nineteen Eighty-four - Orwell_ George_ 1903-1950.mobi
No Logo - Naomi Klein.mobi
Nonsenseorship - Heywood Broun.mobi
Nudge - Thaler & Sunstein.pdf
O Pioneer - Willa Catha.mobi
Oblivion, David Foster Wallace.pdf
On Liberty - John Stuart Mill.mobi
On The Move - Oliver Sachs.mobi
On The Road - Jack Kerovac.mobi
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.mobi
Open Veins of Latin America - Eduardo Galeano.pdf
Orientalism - Edward Said.mobi
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell.mobi & epub
Overclocked - Cory Doctorow.mobi
Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan.mobi
People's Chronology - James Trager.mobi
People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn.epub
Pirates and Piracy - Oscar Hermann.mobi
Poor White - Sherwood Anderson.mobi
Portnoy's Complaint - Philip Roth.mobi
Prophet - Kahlil Gibran.mobi
Privatized Military Industry - P.W.Singer.mobi
Rabbit, Run - John Updike.mobi
Radical Theory-Critical Praxis - Lawrence Berg.mobi
Researches Into Early History of Man - J.G. Fraser.mobi
Rise of The Robots - Martin Ford.pdf
(S)aged by Culture - Phillip Kneis.pdf
Sapiens - Yuval Harari.epub
Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse.mobi
Slaughterhouse-Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut.mobi
Snow Crash - Neil Stephenson.mobi
Sovereignty for Survival - J.R.Allison III.pdf
Subjection of Women - John Stuart Mill.mobi
Survival of the Nicest - Stefan Klein.epub
Taste as Experience - Nicola Perullo.epub & mobi
Test Pilot - John H. Carroll.mobi
Testing Theories of American Politics - Gilens & Page.pdf
The Ad Contrarian - Tom Hoffman.mobi
The Adventures of Augie March - Saul Bellow.mobi
The Adventures of Huck Finn - Mark Twain.mobi
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain.mobi
The Age of Acquiescence - Steve Fraser.epub & mobi
The Antiquity of Man - Charles Myell.mobi
The Applied Critical Thinking Handbook - Trad. pdf
The Art of Grace - Sarah Kaufman.epub
The Art of Art History - Donald Preziosi.mobi
The Art of Money Getting - P.T. Barnum.mobi
The Art Of War - Sun Tzu.pdf
The Atheists Mass - Honore Balzac.pdf
The Authoritarians - Robert Altemeyer.pdf
The Awakening - Kate Chopin.mobi
The Best Of Isaac Asimov.pdf
The Big Short_ Inside the Doomsday Machine - Michael Lewis.mobi
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak.mobi
The Call of the Wild and White Fang - Jack London.mobi
The Case for Reparations - Ta-Nehisi Coates.pdf
The Coming Technological Singularity - Vernor Vinge.mobi
The Complete Asimov Library.rar
The Confidence Game - Maria Konnikova.mobi & epub
The Confidence Man - Herman Melville.pdf
The Conquest of Happiness - Bertrand Russell.epub
The Conservative Nanny State_ How the We - Dean Baker.mobi
The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander Dumas.mobi
The Critique of Practical Reason - Immanuel Kant.mobi
The Cult of Incompetence - Rmile Faquet.mobi
The Dark Net - Jamie Bartlett.epub
The Demon-Haunted World - Carl Sagan.mobi
The Encyclopedia of Trouble & Spaciousness - Rebecca Solnit.mobi & epub
The End of America_ Letter of Warning to - Naomi Wolf.mobi
The End of Faith - Sam Harris.pdf
The End of Loser Liberalism - Dean Baker.mobi
The End of Nature - Bill McKibben.epub
The Enormous Room - e.e.cummings.mobi
The Federalist Papers - Madison & Hamilton.mobi
The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom.mobi
The Future of Reputation - Daniel J. Solove.mobi
The Future of Work - Jacob Morgan.pdf
The Gate of Appreciation - Carlton Noyes.mobi
The General Theory of Employment- Intere - John Maynard Keynes.mobi
The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Rel - Sir James George Frazer.mobi
The Goldfish - Arthur Train.mobi
The Good Soldier - Ford Madox Ford.mobi
The Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald.mobi
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter -Carson McCullers.mobi
The Hero - John Ringo.mobi
The Idea of Progress, by J. B. Bury - Unknown.mobi
The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury.mobi
The Inevitable - Kevin Kelly.epub
The Iraq Legacies Prelude - Benjamin Isakhan.pdf
The Iron Heel - Jack London.mobi
The Living Company - Arie Geus.pdf
The Lore and the Lure of the Yosemite - H.E. Wilson.mobi
The Moral Equivalent of War - William James.mobi
The Myth of American Exceptionalism - Godfrey Hodgson.mobi
The New Economics - Elizabeth Warren.pdf
The Outer Limits of Reason - Noson Yanofsky.pdf
The Peaceful Pill Handbook - Philip Nitschke.mobi
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde.mobi
The Playboy of the Western World - John M. Synge.mobi
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver.mobi
The Prize - Daniel Yergin.epub
The Rape of the Mind - Joost Meerloo.mobi
The Rights of Man - Thomas Paine.mobi
The Road - Cormac McCarthy.mobi
The Secret History of the American Empire-John Perkins.pdf
The Servant Economy - Jeff Faux.mobi
The Shallows - Nicholas Carr.mobi
The Singularity - David Chalmers.mobi
The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla - Nikola Tesla.mobi
The Stranger - Albert Camus.mobi
The Systems View of Life - Capra.pdf
The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway.pdf
The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien.mobi
The Systems View of Life-Capra.pdf
The Thirty-Nine Steps - John Buchan.mobi
The Tragic Fallacy - Joseph W. Krutsch.mobi
The Trial (Oxford World's Classics) - Franz Kafka.mobi
The United States of Fear - Tom Englehardt.mobi
The Ware Tetralogy - Rudy Rucker.mobi
The Way of All Flesh - Samuel Butler.azw & mobi
The Way of the World - William Congreve.mobi
The Wisdom of Life -Schopenhauer.mobi
The World As It Is - Hedges  Chris.mobi
The Yellow Birds - Kevin Powers.mobi
This Changes Everything - Naomi Klein.epub & mobi
Thing Explainer - Randall Munroe.pdf
Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome.mobi
Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson.mobi
True Earth, The Short History of Our Planet - Bruce Hendler.mobi
Ulysses - James Joyce.mobi
Underlife - Marissa Farrar.mobi
Under the Banner of Heaven - Jon Krakauer.mobi & epub
Up From Slavery - Booker T. Washington.mobi
Warped Passages - Lisa Randall.epub & mobi
Watership Down - Richard Adams.mobi
War & Coup Prevention in Developing States - Erica De Bruin.pdf
War and Terrorism - Howard Zinn.mobi
War of the World - Niall Ferguson.epub
Way More Than Luck - Various. Authors.mobi & epub
What Is Life - Schrodinger.pdf
When a man comes to himself - Woodrow Wilson.mobi
Why Nations Fail - Acemoglu & Robinson.epub
Wild Nights! - Joyce Carol Oates.mobi
Winesburg - Sherwood Anderson.mobi
Women in Love - D.H. Lawrence.mobi
Worker Substance Abuse - Staff.mobi
World History Timeline - Longman.mobi
World War Z - Max Brooks.mobi
You Are Being Lied To - Russ Kick.pdf
You Can't Go Home Again - Thomas Wolfe.mobi
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert Pirsig.epub
Zen Culture - Thomas Hoover.mobi