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Most professional organizations understand that data on storage media is a critically important asset that needs to be effectively designed, maintained, monitored, protected, and archived. There have been numerous cases of sensitive client and customer data being stolen, inappropriately accessed, or accidentally dispensed, especially in end-of-life equipment.

For over twelve years, Bizmarts has assisted small/mid-sized companies in their recycling events and needs. We are now expanding a service which we have been providing for several years into a more formal offering: by providing a much higher level of security and legal protection to the handling of data on electronic storage media.

As many I.T. professionals know, there are essentially four primary methods of removing data stored on hard drives, and magnetic media:

  1. Reformatting/Operating System Deletions
  2. Special Purpose Disk Wiping with Proprietary Software
  3. Physically damage the media
  4. Complete destruction of the media

No-one can seriously believe that putting data in the trash can, relying on BIOS or OS password security, or reformatting a hard drive will make the data unreachable by entry-level hackers. We do not recommend any of these "beginner" methods of data security.

Bizmarts has long offered "disk wiping" services using DoD compliant software to completely erase data from PC, Laptop, and Server equipment. This service continues to be available at modest cost of less than $20 per drive; and it has the virtue of retaining the resale value of the drive. The current market for used PC drives makes anything smaller than 40Gb not worth the time and effort it takes to resell.

Current conditions favor either the "disk wiping" method, or the final methods listed above which physically damage or destroy the drives. These processes obviously removes any salvage value. It is this level of data protection we wish to offer more aggressively to our clients, with a nation-wide insured and bonded process of "drilling" the drives, which makes the drive completely non-functional. Two holes are drilled completely through the drive, and optionally, an abrasive media is sprayed into the drive making even platter-level disassembly unproductive.

This service, again, called "drilling" is available priced at $12.50 per drive with a five piece minimum, plus UPS Ground shipping at actual cost. Clients may elect to have drilled drives returned to them for examination or disposal, or Bizmarts will mechanically shred the drives into confetti shaped strips of metal for reprocessing.

The maximum security option is to have the drives smelted under controlled circumstances. Bizmarts has partnered with Gerdau Ameristeel in Cartersville, Georgia to offer guided smelting of drives, where customers can have drives transported under guard to the smelting facility, and can visually watch and record the smelting process. The entire process can be filmed for legal and insurance related concerns. Pricing on this process begins at $750 per event.

In both the "wiping" and "drilling" processes, Bizmarts is licensed, insured, and bonded to perform these processes as described, in full, with the highest integrity, and dedication to data security issues as requested by the client.

Let us help you with your data destruction needs today.

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