Bizmarts Commission & Consignment Resale Program

Over the past few years, Bizmarts has resold several hundred thousand dollars of EOL, outdated, salvage, and scrap I.T. equipment and supplies.

We would like to assist you in the security conscious, environmentally friendly, and financially beneficial management of surplus company equipment.

Please review the following and contact us for an appointment to setup the process. 

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Resales Program Explained

General Information

For all commission or consignment tasks the process is similar. All items to be resold must be placed in a secure environment under Bizmarts control, whether delivered and stored at Bizmarts facilities, held at an assigned shipping location, or secured at the company's site. This is to provide accountability, security, and administrative task completion processes in a restricted environment. Once a resale agreement is reached, and items are secured, Bizmarts will accept legal responsibility for the assigned items, and will furnish monthly statements and payments for items resold, with complete recordkeeping. Items that are unsold at the conclusion of the resale term will be returned to the provider, or disposed of as scrap based on agreements between the parties.

The Process - How is it done?

How does Bizmarts gain possession of the equipment for resale?

There are several methods that can be employed based on provider preferences, item description, quantity, and anticipated transmittal costs. For smaller quantity, or higher valued sales items with a net weight of less than 250 pounds, the provider can package the equipment into shipping cartons and have UPS pickup the equipment for transmittal to Bizmarts using our UPS Ground account. For larger group sales items up to 2,000 pounds, located within 250 miles of Metro Atlanta, we can dispatch a company van for free pickup at the provider's location. For still larger groupings, we can dispatch a 26' box truck, or 52' trailers as appropriate.

Additionally, sale items can be delivered to us by the provider's transport system; or items can be retained in a secure location for processing by Bizmarts sales personnel.

Bizmarts wants to be of service to entities that need to process from ten to a few hundred pieces of equipment at a time. Our business model does not currently permit us to handle smaller, or larger processing at this time. For maximum utilization of our solutions, we need to know the answers to several important considerations:

  1. What is the equipment to be processed, by quantity, model, condition, and location
  2. What is the intended frequency of additional equipment disposal
  3. What are the provider's expectations about present equipment value
  4. What is the time frame for actions to be taken, and who is the person to contact onsite
  5. What manner of disposal is acceptable for items failing to sell during the agreed sales term
  6. What paperwork, forms, or agreements need to be completed to satisfy provider, agency, governmental, or security issues

Most of these concerns can readily be addressed by phone, fax, or email. Bizmarts will be happy to make onsite equipment valuations given a reasonable advance notification. In most cases there is no charge for onsite valuations that do not require itemized bids.

What items can be sold under these processes

In 2004 the EPA estimated that more than 60 million computers would be retired each year for the next decade. But this is only part of the 5R task, since the total discards of  I.T. and AV products in America has been over 2 million tons annually since 2000. The typical life-cycle of I.T. equipment is 3-6 years, shorter for corporate environments - longer for home and small business environments. Briefly, anything still in the original sealed factory packaging can be resold; anything less than 3 years from mfg date can be resold if operational; items with an original high purchase price less and than five years old can be resold; while items that became commodities, are more than five years old, have obvious faults, use antiquated or superceded technology, or contain significant quantities of hazardous materials will have a negative salvage value.

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